Evidence shows that the capability to bill for immunizations leads to increased accountability and higher immunization rates. Counties that have cast an even wider billing net have seen substantial increases to their revenues, all for services that they were already providing to the community.

How Claims Management Will Save Local Public Health Agencies
Written by Nar Ramkissoon, MPH, Healthcare Industry Analyst 

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Adapting to Become Sustainable 
Streamlining and simplifying the billing and reimbursement process is the only way to balance the need to generate revenue with the need to provide continuous quality care. At the same time, having nurses and coordinators spend most of their time handling claims instead of administering vaccinations is a poor use of skilled personnel. Providing local health departments with the proper tools to achieve full visibility into the claims process allows for optimal use of both revenues and staff.

Using such tools to verify a patient’s insurance eligibility in real-time when they walk into the clinic saves staff from having to contact insurance companies. It also prevents a claim from coming back denied several months later if the patient was not actually covered at the time of service. Similarly, tracking claims at every step of the process will deliver administrators the necessary data to evaluate trends and forecast budgets. This global view of finances facilitates future planning, ensuring stability in a mission that is simply too big to fail.

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