As public health departments are being degraded in the current fiscal climate, the lessons from Indian Health are many. This essay only hits the broader lesson learned which is that a public health agency with a clear mission to improve health can implement a robust revenue generation program which enhances its ability to meet its health mission.

A Brief History of One Organization's Experience Starting a Billing Program
Written by RADM Craig Vanderwagen, M.D. Founding Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response, U.S. Public Health Service - Retired

How the Indian Health Service Embraced Revenue Generation
This essay will briefly explore the experience of one public sector agency, the Indian Health Service (IHS), that found itself unable to meet many of the health and medical needs of its beneficiaries when it solely relied on appropriated budgets to fund its program activities. The agency embraced the need to expand its revenue streams and the means to accomplish that was through documenting and billing for services provided where its beneficiaries were eligible for insurance programs.


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