Time is money, and without a streamlined process in place to accurately collect patient data, both are lost in the end.

Eliminate Rejected Claims with SMART™ Verification

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Streamline the claims process by preventing rejections and denials
The insurance industry is a constantly evolving landscape, with many available plans, each with different coverage levels and unique requirements. The same changes are occurring with Medicaid & Medicare as well, as seen in the expanding areas of Medicaid Managed Care and Medicare supplemental insurances. With multiple options and coverage scenarios available, it is becoming more difficult for patients to understand and communicate their insurance status, and in turn it becomes a challenge for providers to verify active primary or secondary coverage. This has a significant impact on the downstream claims management process.
The billing and claims process at the provider level is growing increasingly complex, riddled with changing codes, filing requirements and specific regulations. This is compounded by the need to track claims that have been submitted, claims that have been rejected and claims that were reimbursed. The first step in streamlining the entire reimbursement process is examining patient data collection at the clinic level.
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