The only billing solution suite specifically designed for public health, community health and specialty health providers.

The SMART Choice for Your Community’s Health

Only Upp Technology’s SMART Health Suite of billing solutions and services provides comprehensive management of the revenue cycle, complete in-process visibility, compliance with health care and government standards, and robust reporting.
Developed specifically for the unique needs of public health, the SMART Health Suite makes billing and claims management easy for local and community health professionals. The system’s array of helpful tools include:
  • Scheduler
    Our scheduler allows you to schedule new and existing patients in order to provide clear organization and structure to the patient encounter process. 
  • Instant Eligibility Check
    With instant eligibility check, you'll immediately know the validity and coverage status of both Medicaid/Medicare and privately insured patients. It features real-time eligibility, providing the most up to date information possible resulting in fewer rejections during claims submission.
  • Claims Management
    Our easy-to-use electronic claims system allows you to process, submit, and track both private insurance claims and Medicaid/Medicare. The comprehensive system pre-populates payer information for ease of use. If a claim ever gets denied, it provides immediate feedback as to why it was denied as well as what solutions are available to fix that rejection. 
  • Reports
    Our comprehensive reporting system provides customizable reports to track claims, submissions, denials, and patients. Reports provide ultimate visibility to staff, increasing operations efficiency. 
The SMART Health Suite is not only designed to be easy-to-use; it is also easy to get started. As most local health departments are unable to afford the cost of a software system, the SMART Health Suite is affordable for all public health organizations and includes only minimal start-up costs.


The SMART Health Suite for Billing Management includes:

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