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Our mission is to help public health agencies develop new sources of revenue so they can provide essential health services that protect the health and welfare of their communities. 

Our Free Revenue Performance Evaluation identifies proven methods for maximizing reimbursements across all programs and services, without straining existing staff or resources. Our tailored approach ensures an efficient and sustainable process for each agency.

We evaluate every opportunity to capture revenue and optimize staff resources within your specific agency. Our analysis increases the entire revenue cycle, including self-pay, insurance billing programs, key processes, and workflows. 



Why should you get a revenue evaluation? 

  • to accelerate reimbursements
  • to identify other billable services
  • to reduce aged accounts and A/R days
  • to verify insurance coverage
  • to determine program eligibility
  • to develop or modify insurance contracts
  • to improve staffing and productivity
  • to expand coverage in your community

You'll receive an in-depth review of the following:


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Revenue Performance Evaluation?
The Revenue Performance Evaluation is a comprehensive analysis of how much sustainable revenue your agency could generate by starting or improving a claims management process.
Will the Evaluation help me generate revenue?
Yes. The Evaluation will provide an analysis of specific areas and services that can generate substantial revenue. Evaluations can reveal a 35% – 70% increase in overall agency revenue.
Who is eligible to participate?
Any local health agency interested in developing or enhancing a sustainable revenue stream.
What is the Evaluation process?
A team member will conduct a revenue performance assessment through staff interviews, clinic observations, and collection of service data. This can be completed during either an onsite visit or conference calls.
What will I need to provide for my Evaluation?
If available, information on services, patient encounters, staffing, and insurance procedures would be useful to provide the most comprehensive analysis of your department’s baseline process, and ensuring more accurate projections.
Do I need to get approval for the Evaluation?
The Evaluation may not require formal approval; however, it is important that executives in all program areas be aware and supportive of this study.
How soon can I start my evaluation?
The Evaluation can begin within two weeks of the request. 
How long does the Evaluation take?
Evaluations are typically completed within 30 days.
What can I do with the results?
The results provide expert insight into your current clinic operations highlighting keys areas that could be enhanced to easily generate additional sustainable revenue.
What do I get at the conclusion of the Evaluation?
You will receive a detailed report including an overview your existing services, a sample analysis of revenue generation data, and recommendations for how you can maximize revenue.
Where can I download information about the Evaluation? 
Download more information about the evaluation here.
How do I register for the Revenue Performance Evaluation?
Simply fill out the form here.

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