Submitted on Wed, 2014-02-12
By Scott Upp, CEO, Upp Technology, Inc.

Help Us Add $100 Million Back Into Public Health

healthcare claims management - $100 Million Public Health Funding Challenge
Upp Technology firmly believes that local health departments and their staff are the backbone of healthy communities throughout the entire United States. To demonstrate our commitment to local health departments nationwide, we are proud to introduce the Upp Technology $100 Million Challenge.
We believe local health departments don’t always receive financial that support they need to accomplish their mission. When it comes to annual budgets, they seem to always be the first cut. In the last eight years alone, public health funding in the U.S. has dropped more than a billion dollars, from $7.3 billion to $6.1 billion in 2013. Here’s where the $100 Million Challenge comes in to protect the financial health of local health departments.
Over the next three years, we’re challenging ourselves to help generate more than $100 million in sustainable revenue for local health departments of all sizes.
Using a few innovative claims management techniques, public health departments can earn sustainable revenue from services that they are already regularly providing. The key is to start a smarter billing program and to take advantage of reimbursement opportunities from public and private insurance companies.
We focus on four key areas to help local health departments easily capture sustainable revenue:
  • Contracting with Insurance Companies
  • Outsourcing Billing Services
  • Implementing Web-based Billing Tools
  • Training Staff
Developed specifically for the unique needs of public health, the SMART Health Suite makes billing and claims management easy for local and community health professionals. The system’s array of helpful tools include:
  • Scheduler - allows you to schedule new and existing patients
  • Claims Management - allows you to process, submit, and track both private insurance claims and Medicaid/Medicare
  • Instant Eligibility Check - checks the validity and coverage status of both Medicaid/Medicare and privately insured patients
  • Reporting - provides customizable reports to track claims, submissions, denials, and patients
The SMART Health Suite is not only designed to be easy-to-use for public health departments; it is also easy to get started. As most local health departments are unable to afford the cost of a software system, the SMART Health Suite is affordable for all and includes only minimal start-up costs.
Local health departments are in need, and sustainable revenue is the best solution. It is vital to the future of local health departments and to the health of our nation as a whole.
With industry-specific expertise and technology solutions, Upp provides the knowledge and tools to help public health bring in $100 million in new, sustainable revenue as quickly and easily as possible.

Your department and your community cannot wait. Get your share of the $100 million.

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