Submitted on Thu, 2015-02-12
By SMART Health Claims

Stay up to date on our most popular "how to" guides and infographics for local health departments.

Our Most Popular eBooks and Infographics

As a local health professional, your schedule leaves very little time for extra reading. To make it easier for you to stay up to date on the latest public health news and trends, we've put our most popular eBooks and infographics together in one place below.


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Our Most Popular Public Health eBooks & Infographics of 2015

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The Essential HOW TO Guide for Public Health Billing

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Effective billing programs can capture revenue from Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance that will not only alleviate funding issues, but will allow for staffing increases and an expansion of community health services.

The following collection of “How To” articles will help you build a successful billing program in your public health agency. Join us in our mission to add new, sustainable revenue to the public health community today.



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5 Ways to Optimize Your Public Health Billing Program in Just 5 Minutes

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Implementing a successful public health revenue cycle management program is an extremely tough undertaking for local health departments and community health centers. It is with that in mind that we present to you five of the quickest, easiest, and most effective steps to optimizing your operations.

Implementing these five steps will go a long way to increasing your billing revenue, while streamlining the billing in your health center.




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The Essential Guide to Understanding The Affordable Care Act for Local Health Departments

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Passed by Congress all the way back in March of 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) are now having a huge impact on local health departments. While the legislation is complex and may place a burden on the public health community, it is filled with many positive and exciting opportunities for Local Health Departments and the communities they serve.




View Infographic10 Partnerships That Will Help You Better Vaccinate Your Community

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Vaccination rates across the country are falling. Nearly 1 in 4 children 19–35 months have not received all of their recommended vaccinations. This season, the incidence of measles reached a 20-year high in the United States. Lowered vaccination rates are contributing to the spread of diseases since immunized people act as a barrier against infection.

With administration and overhead costs rising, many private physicians are cutting vaccination services, leaving local health departments as the most crucial provider of immunizations within a community. That is why solid partnerships are fundamental to your community’s vaccination program.

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