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By Cecelia Jacobson

Promote National Public Health Week to improve the health and well-being of your community.

National Public Health Week 2014

National Public Health Week falls between April 7th and 13th this year. As the local champions of public health, how is your department working with the community to promote healthy initiatives and policies?

What is National Public Health Week?

Celebrated for nearly 20 years, National Public Health Week (NPHW) takes place during the first full week of April every year to help spread awareness of the contributions of public health and to highlight important issues for improving the United States. The week is organized by the American Public Health Association (APHA) and includes events held by community health organizations across the county.

The Five Themes of National Public Health Week

Each weekday during NPHW sees specific importance placed on a single health topic to help spread awareness more effectively.

Monday, April 7th  Be Healthy from the Start
Public health starts at home, so local health departments are encouraged to speak on the importance of proper nutrition, pre-natal health, emergency preparedness, and immunizations.

Tuesday, April 8th  Don’t Panic
Disasters can happen anywhere at any time. Getting your community on the same page in the event of a natural disaster will help everybody weather the unexpected.

Wednesday, April 9th  Get out Ahead
Preventing disease should be just as important as treating them. Learn more about how you can promote healthy lifestyles throughout your community.

Thursday, April 10th  Eat Well
The average American eats 15 pounds more sugar in a year now than in 1970. Learn more about how you can promote healthy diets throughout your community.

Friday, April 11th  Be the Healthiest Nation in One Generation
What can Americans learn from public health initiatives from around the world to improve the health of the next generation?

National Public Health Week Events

Local health departments from all across the country are getting involved by holding some amazing sounding events throughout the week. The APHA is even holding a contest for public health professionals to see who has the most creative event outreach.

Learn more about National Public Health Week by visiting The APHA also provides an excellent partner toolkit that gives local health departments tips on speaking with their communities, event planning, event promotion, media outreach, social media outreach, and legislative advocacy.

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