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Our Top 10 Articles and Infographics in 2015

Wed, 2015-12-30

1) ...

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Got 10 Seconds? Checking Patient Eligibility Can Make or Break Flu Season

Wed, 2015-12-09

The CDC reported that more than 140...

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How the ICD-10 Transition Didn’t End the World

Mon, 2015-10-26

The medical community breathed a collective sigh of relief following the October 1st ICD-10 transition. Early...

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Infographic: The State of Local Health Departments in 2015

Wed, 2015-10-07

9 out of 10 Local Health Departments Are Billing Third Party Payers to Generate Revenue. Read the corresponding blog post: ...

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Upp Technology Has a New Address

Wed, 2015-09-30...

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